Darlene and I want to personally thank you for everything you have done for us. With our move from Atlanta to Dallas, we had so many things going on, I don’t know where we were half the time. We had listed our house with someone else, and we were getting nowhere. We didn’t feel we were getting good feedback from our previous agent, and while people would come and view our home, we couldn’t figure out why no one even make an attempt at an offer. As our move got closer, a friend of ours gave us your name. We asked you to come look at our home, and give us your opinion. You toured our home, and identified a number of things that would make our home more appealing to buyers in just a few minutes! You had thoroughly prepared yourself on the background of the market in our area, and helped us price our home competitively. You had contractors, and resources to get the work done on our house in just a few days (even having work done on fathers day!). What we were so pleased with was how you took a personal interest and really helped us to make our home desirable to a buyer. I think the best testament to that was that our home sold in SIX days in your hands, and had been on the market with minimal interest for months before we asked you to become our agent. 

Once our house was under contract, we had several issues that perhaps in other people’s hands might have delayed closing or worse yet, made the deal fall through. Your expertise and knowledge helped us navigate these tough times and get to closing. While I have a basic background and understanding of real estate, I would have not known how to handle these issues when they came up with out you. I also believe many other agents would not have worked so hard to keep a deal together and get us not just to closing, but getting us there on time! This was so very appreciated, since by this time we had already left Georgia, and we really needed someone to advocate for our interests. I can easily say, what may have started out as an easy sale, in the end, you worked so hard for us! 

I had traveled back to Atlanta for closing, and the bank ended up delaying closing a couple of days, so that I was not able to attend. Before I flew back to Dallas, you helped us arrange powers of attorney, and then made sure you would attend the closing. Most closings go smoothly, but there were a number of issues that occurred with ours, beyond the buyer and sellers control. You helped make sure things stayed on track. Our closing ended up taking four hours of your time, but in the end it closed and everything ended up working out perfectly.

We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate your help, expertise and guidance. You always made sure we were so well informed, and helped us every step of the way. We respect you so much that we would like you to help us interview agents here in Dallas once we enter the market to buy a new home. Having the right agent is so important these days; it is really the difference in being successful in buying or selling, and not being able to achieve what you want.

We probably cannot do justice to what you have done for us. However I wanted to personally write to you and let you know how much we appreciated everything. If there is ever anything we can do for you please let us know.

Thank you again Greta, we are so thankful you where able to achieve so much in such a short time with us, we will never forget what you have done for us. We wish you much success, and hope that we can always turn to you for help.

With Warm Regards
Jim and Darlene Moore


Greta goes above and beyond to move the home sales process forward. She has strong market knowledge and offers sound advice about getting a house show ready to make top dollar. I highly recommend Greta if you’re looking for an agent to help buy or sell your home.  

Steve Dempsey 


Greta Holland is a truly dedicated and knowledgeable real estate professional. I have bought or sold 3 houses with Greta over the past 10 years. Each situation was very different but she was able to work thru the inevitable challenges and make us happy with each of our sales or purchases. Our most recent transaction was the sale of our home in Lavista Park. Her advice to put up a "Coming Soon" sign resulted in a full price offer and contract before the house was even listed. She truly works for her clients and makes sure that everything she does is done in the best interest of her client. What I am amazed by is her uncanny ability to foresee objections, issues, etc and to provide valuable advice on how to deal with situations before they escalate. I have seen Greta take listings that other agents have had on the market for two years or more and work her magic to make them sell.

Greta truly understands the Atlanta real estate market and will provide expert advice on what you need to do to sell your home and how to properly price it. Greta is a true professional and a joy to work with. I will not hesitate to work with Greta again for my next purchase or sale. 

Jim Wildermuth